About US

Hello and Welcome. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us.

The quintessential cricketing advice “Keep it Simple” is the core belief at Cricketer Store. 

We have been online since Since 2020. Cricketer Store has remained the leading online cricket store and first choice of cricketers the world over. Thanks a lot for your support.

During these years, we have delivered cricket equipment to 80 different countries in the world. We derive a lot of pleasure seeing cricket in almost every corner of this small world!

While we are thrilled with the above, what gives us most satisfaction is that in spite of this growth, we are able to preserve a "little corner cricket store" level of service and interaction. We need your support and feedback to keep this culture. If you feel not served well, please do let us know and we'll pull ourselves!

It’s a site for the cricketers. Everything from site design to business model to delivery mechanism is made to deliver to you in fewest steps – wicket to wicket bowling! 

Focus - Only Cricket…Nothing Else.

Cricket is a game of focus - 540 times in a day. We just focus on cricket. Within cricket too we realize that there are many varieties. Personally we respect and enjoy all forms but for business, we focus only on the real cricket- the variety played with a wooden bat and a leather ball. This is the reason, you won’t find any carom boards or badminton racquets with us!

Every Shot in the Book - Complete Cricket Store...Full Range.

Having gone narrow in our focus, we’ve tried to bring the entire range of cricket equipment under one roof. You will find the top cricket brands here and also the full gamut of equipment from cricket shoes to bat care kits. We carry the full range of Sizes for Boys and Men. Also, we have left handed equipment for our elegant shot makers! 

Lifelike Display - Ultra Slo Mo...See Every Detail.

More than any other sport we know, Cricket places grace and beauty in the heart of the game. It’s probably the only sport where a shot can earn full score…and yet that shot be described as “ugly.”

Beauty in cricket is not just aesthetics for the sake of it. Grace, Class and Beauty in cricket are utilitarian!
It’s our endeavour to bring the beautiful products to life through our in-house product photography. We hate those poor grainy photos, lifted from the internet that one sees on most sites. We are sure, you hate those too. Almost all photos on the site are shot by us. A few photos have been used with explicit permission of brands and a couple of lovely photos gifted to us by cricket photographers.

Express Fast - All Products in Stock...Shipped within 24-48 Hrs.

Well, we remain a very traditional business…nothing really “internetty” about us. We buy the products and stock them. We don’t go looking for products after you have placed the order. We don’t do any ‘drop shipments’ or ask our ‘partners’ to ship to you. For every item, which is marked as ‘in stock’, we will ship in a maximum of 48 hours (except on Sundays and Bank Holidays).

Service - With a Smile...We Promise, We Deliver.

We don’t talk about it much. Please try us. We read our e-mails and pick up our phones. Again, we are rather traditional about these things. We don’t hide behind technology and company policies. You’ll find us easily…except on Sundays - that’s our game day!

The Joy of Playing Cricket - Their Enjoyment...Our Reward.

We are actively involved with the young cricketers. We are often with them on the pitch in cricket academies, clubs, schools and city matches. Of course, we get active feedback from them on what they like in their equipment but more importantly, the sheer pleasure of seeing them play the game reminds us why we are in this business.

Enough talk. Let’s play.

“Watch the ball” 

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Chandigarh Mohali Punjab

Email - [email protected]